Smiths Armory Glock 17 Custom

Smiths Armory Glock 17 Custom. The smoothest trigger your ever pull. This Glock has been upgraded in the all the right places to make a great pistol better and more accurate.
KKM Precision Match Barrel.
KKM barrels are made using U.S. manufactured 416 Stainless steel bar stock which is then heat treated and vacuum tempered to 42 to 45 RC. All KKM barrels have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
Upgraded Stainless Steel Guide Rod
Hardened stainless steel guide rod won’t break or flex and bind the spring like the factory plastic rod. Helps prevent cycling problems, improves reliability and overall performance. Features a captured, ISMI chrome silicon flat spring that’s heat-treated, shot peened, and calibrated to the factory-spec 17 lb. weight. Steel Allen head screw and washer secure the spring to the rod, yet enable easy disassembly for spring replacement.
Smiths Armory Custom Trigger Job
Smiths Armory Certified Glock Armorers install competitions springs, 3.5 lb. Ghost trigger, and hand work the firing pin, the safety plunger, the trigger bar, the Ghost connector, the KKM barrel and all moving parts for precise movement and function. This produces an excellent crisp and light trigger pulls for increased accuracy when shooting.
Vanity Titanium Pins
This completes the overall look of our custom G17. The pins pick up the look of the KKM custom barrel installed in this firearm.
This pistol is an excellent carry weapon and target shooting pistol. You give it a job and it will get it done!

Smiths Armory adds instructional Firearm DVDs

Smiths Armory adds instructional Firearm DVDs.   We have expanded our product offerings to its Internet customers to include select instructional firearms DVDs.  These DVDs training programs allow our customers to educate themselves and become better shooters!  Whether you are a Saturday afternoon plinker or an IPSEC competition shooter you can improve your skills watching these DVDs.  These videos cover everything from basic to advanced firearm techniques.  Improve your skill and become a better shooter.

Smiths Armory Offers Select Firearm Accessory Products

Smiths Armory in response to its customers and Internet clients has added select firearm accessory products to its web site! In order to help fulfill customer requests we are offering products we feel are best in brand including Holsters, Laser Sights, Magazines, and Custom parts. We will be expanding our product line to include many different areas over the coming weeks. Please stop by our sight and check out our firearm Accessories page. Whether you need a firearm accessory or gift for a gun owner we are the place for hassle free shopping.

Smiths Armory Now Accepts Credit Cards

Smiths Armory now accepts credit cards! Whether you are buying a gun or paying for custom gunsmithing, we decided that this was a convenience that our customers needed.  While many of our PA gun owner customers still prefer cash, others asked us to begin taking credit cards. They spoke, we listened!

We now accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for all of our PA gun sales and firearm services at Smiths Armory.

PA Gunsmith Website Relaunch!

Smiths Armory, an eastern PA gunsmith, is pleased to announce the relaunch of our newly updated website for PA gun owners. We hope you will find it easy to navigate and fun to read. Whether you are looking for specific custom firearms, gunsmithing or gun transfers, if you’re in Pennsylvania – we’ve got your back!