Bond Arms Inc.





Bond Arms – The Worlds Smallest Most Powerful Personal Protection You Can Carry.

Bond Arms are manufactured and sold through Distributors and Dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have thirteen models of derringers and 22 interchangeable barrels made of the highest quality Heavy Duty Stainless Steel which will fit on any of our guns.

We also offer a full range of accessories for your Bond Arms Derringer.

A Lifetime Warranty comes standard with all of our handguns.

What makes the Bond Arms Derringer Handguns special?

  • Rebounding-and-locking hammer: A first for derringers. The hammer automatically jumps back and locks into a half-cocked position for safety
  • A Simple Barrel-locking mechanism that is spring loaded and eases opening and closing of the barrels for quick reloading and cleaning
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel components for a lifetime of service;
  • Precision Machined parts for consistent fit;
  • A full line of interchangeable barrels ranging from 2.5″ – 4.25″
  • Handmade in Texas
  • Lifetime Warranty

If you are looking for the best in personal protection, or a great trail gun we have something that will fit your needs!


Some of Bond Arms Offerings:


Bond Arms Bull pup New Offering!




  Bond Arms Backup ranger-ii-_guns_square-300x300

Bond Arms Ranger II


Bond Arms Mama Bear



Bond Arms Snake Slayer


Bonds Arms Girl Mini


Bond Arms Patriot


Bond Arms Texas Ranger

Commemorative Firearm