John Lott: Obama’s Not Done with Guns

President Obama wants to take away people’s guns. Last week, he lamented to the BBC that his biggest frustration as president was not getting major gun control passed during his presidency.
How much does he dislike Americans having guns? He obviously doesn’t even trust soldiers with them, even on a limited basis. Despite repeated attacks against our military, both on and off bases, no one expects Obama to let our military carry guns.

NRA Hosts Clark County Blue Card Shredding Event- Saturday, July 18!

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) is co-sponsoring the Nevada Celebration of Freedom in North Las Vegas on Saturday, July 18. Blue card holders and Second Amendment supporters will commemorate the enactment of NRA-backed legislation that abolishes Clark County’s antiquated blue card system by shredding their old blue cards.

Hawaii: NRA Instructor Liability Bill Granted Hearing

As reported two weeks ago, House Bill 679 passed in the state House Public Safety and Military Affairs (PBM) Committee with no amendments.  Thanks to the overwhelming support by NRA members, HB 679 has been scheduled for a hearing in the state House Judiciary Committee this Thursday, March 1, at 2:00 p.m. in House Conference Room 325 of the State Capitol.

Pennsylvania: Firearms Preemption Enhancement Bill Postponed until March

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has again postponed its second consideration of the NRA-backed House Bill 1523 – this time until the week of March 12.  House Bill 1523, sponsored by state Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-12), would strengthen Pennsylvania’s firearms preemption law to further ensure firearm and ammunition laws are uniform throughout the state.  

Oregon: CHL Confidentiality Bill Needs Your Immediate Help!

Yesterday, NRA-supported House Bill 4045 passed in the state House of Representatives by a 44 to 14 vote.  HB 4045 has been forwarded to the Oregon Senate, but has not yet been assigned to a committee.  Sponsored by state Representative Kim Thatcher (R-25), HB 4045 would provide for the confidentiality of Concealed Handgun License holders’ personal information.

New Mexico: Senate Bill 26 Passes House and is Sent to Governor Martinez for Her Signature!

Senate Bill 26, sponsored by state Senator Bill Payne (R-ABQ) and carried in the House during the last few critical days of session by state Representative Bill Rehm (R-ABQ), passed in the state House by an overwhelming 61 to 6 vote the night before the Legislature adjourned sine die today.  This bill is now on its way to Governor Susana Martinez for her signature.  Thank you to everyone who made calls and sent e-mails to your legislators for NRA-supported bills this session!

Michigan Moves in the Right Direction with NRA-Backed Youth Mentored Hunting Program

On February 10, the Michigan Natural Resources Commission approved an NRA-backed program that encourages youth participation in hunting, trapping and fishing.  Although this program contains unnecessary and vague language requiring mentored hunters to “stay at arm’s length” of an adult mentor, Michigan’s Mentored Youth Hunting Program is a significant step in the right direction.  As has been proven in other states, mentored hunting programs are an essential tool for recruiting the next generation of hunters.

West Virginia: NICS Exemption Bill Passes Senate Committee Unanimously

Yesterday, the state Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 353 unanimously by a voice vote!  Thank you to all of the Judiciary members who voted to expedite the firearm purchasing process for concealed carry permit holders in the Mountain State.

Illinois doesn’t need gun registration, fee

Last week, Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago asked the General Assembly to pass legislation to force law abiding gun owners to register their handguns with the state of Illinois and to pay a $65 per gun registration fee.

Gunny wants you to register to vote!

Too many Americans, for one reason or another, have chosen to sit on the sidelines by not registering to vote. Unfortunately, this includes too many American gun owners. It’s part of my job to do something about that.