Montana: Preemption Strengthening Legislation Referred to Senate Committee

Yesterday, the Montana House passed legislation to strengthen Montana’s state preemption laws, House Bill 325, by a 57 to 42 vote. 

New Mexico Action Needed! – House Committee to Consider New York Style Gun Control Legislation on Tuesday!

On Tuesday, February 26 at 1:30pm in Room 317, the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee is scheduled to consider legislation, Senate Bill 8, that would criminalize most private firearm transfers in New Mexico.

Maine: Anti-Gun Legislators Trying to Shut Down Shooting Ranges

On February 25th, the Maine State and Local Government Committee will hold a hearing on Legislative Document 489, which would allow noise ordinances to be used to shut down local shooting ranges.

Gun Control to Be Heard on the Floor of the House of Representatives Next Week

As we reported last week, anti-gun members of the House Judiciary Committee voted to move forward with two gun control bills. These bills will be on the House floor next week, so please contact your U.S. Representative and ask them to oppose H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112.

Bloomberg’s Everytown: Criminalizing Private Transfers is About Creating “Culture of Compliance”

If you were still under the impression that gun control was about giving law enforcement the tools to target violent criminals, think again. At a February 12 hearing concerning Nevada Senate Bill 143 that criminalizes the private transfer of firearms, Attorney for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety William Rosen made clear that gun control is about creating more servile law-abiding gun owners.

The Truth about Gun Sales and H.R. 8

As Congress considers H.R. 8, let’s consider some of the arguments made in support of so-called “universal” background checks.  Anti-gun organizations regularly claim that criminals acquire firearms online. Everytown and its predecessor, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, have published a number of “reports” that claim to have found evidence of prohibited people attempting to buy firearms through websites that “could potentially” transfer tens of thousands of guns. This last statement, of course, chooses hyperbole over reality.

Pelosi Claims Future President Could Use “National Emergency” to Target Guns

First, gun control supporters supposedly wanted a “national conversation” on gun violence. Then they purported to want Congress to enact so-called “common sense gun reform.” Now some anti-gun lawmakers are dispensing with any pretense of good or constitutional governance and revealing that they are willing to target guns and gun owners by executive fiat.

What to Make of Crime in England?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what things are really like “across the pond.” Anti-gun extremists in America reflexively point to England whenever the discussion about adding restrictions, and especially banning firearms, arises here in the United States. England, after all, had banned virtually all semi-automatic and pump-action rifles and shotguns in the 1980s, then imposed a near total ban on handguns in the 90s. Those British subjects who wish to own the few types of rifles and shotguns the government has deemed allowable for civilian possession must navigate a Byzantine system of licensing and certification.


Details are slim on this one — so far just the title has been released. But that is scary enough…
To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act any semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine.

Colorado: Contact Your Lawmakers in Opposition to Anti-Gun “Red Flag” Bill

Thursday evening, after hours of testimony, the House Judiciary Committee voted to pass the "red flag" bill on a party line 7 to 4 vote.