Gunsmithing Services

Smith’s Armory offers a variety of gunsmithing services and gun transfers for the Pennsylvania hunter, target shooter or general firearms enthusiast. We do professional work in the most expedient fashion that time allows. With the utmost of confidentiality and respect, we treat your gun as we would our own. We do the job right the first time everytime!

  • Glock Trigger Jobs
  • 10/22 Trigger Jobs
  • Customized Glock
  • Scope Installs
  • Shotgun Conversions
  • Stockbedding
  • Shotgun Repair
  • Revolver / Pistol Repair
  • Rifle Repair

Glock Custom Shop: (Factory Certified Glock Armorer)

Tactical/Target Trigger: This trigger job reduces the factory 5.5 lb. pull to 3.5 lbs. We replace and install new connector and springs. This makes the Glock perfect for self defense situations and target shooting alike.   The lighter trigger pull and  increased trigger smoothness improves accuracy and reduces group sizes. $75.00

Tactical II Trigger: This trigger job reduces the 5.5 lbs pull to around 3 lbs.  We replace and install new connector and springs.  Then we hand polish the firing pin, trigger bar, connector, barrel, and feed ramp to give you the ultimate in smooth action.  This trigger will increase accuracy and the smooth action of the pistol will reduce follow up shot times. $150.00

If you are in the Gilbertsville, PA area and need gun cleaning, conversions, customizations or consultations… Contact Smiths Armory Today!