Handgun Firing Tips

It takes more than just holding a gun in your hand and pulling the trigger to be able to fire one accurately. Statistics for non-fatal gun injuries show that more than 73,000 people are treated annually in hospitals across the United States. With proper firearms training classes, plenty of practice and some basic tips on handling your gun, over time you can improve your aim and strengthen your overall shooting technique.

Check Your Sights

You might not consider your sights as a major factor in your shooting technique, but when it comes to proper aiming, you need to make sure your sights are set just right. When you have the sights set right, you’re going to find that you land far more shots than before. One of the biggest considerations for your sights is to make sure you can use your dominant eye when you use them.

FirstSecurityServices.com suggests this test to find your dominant eye:

  1. Extend arms in front of you and make a triangular opening between your thumbs and forefingers by putting your hands at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Keep both eyes open and use the fingers to frame an object on a wall.
  3. Close left eye.
  4. Keep right eye open and if it is still framed and you can see clearly with the right eye, the right eye is dominant.
  5. If the object is not still framed, then your left eye is the dominant eye.

Think About the Gun

Whether you have fired fifty guns or never fired a gun before, you need to take time to think about the handgun you are firing right now. It is important for you to be able to handle the gun well to shoot it the right way. There is no sense in firing a gun with ammo that never hits the target because you cannot handle the power of the shot. It is best to stick with a gun that you feel comfortable with, can easily control and won’t find yourself knocked to the ground when the recoil strikes. Remember, even when shooting with smaller bullets, if you can aim and hit the target well, you are doing just fine.

Focus on the Sights and Not the Target

Instead of focusing on your target, try focusing on the sights instead. When your sights are aligned just right, they will be clear while your target will look out of focus. If your sights have a clear view, your aim can improve.

Stop Worrying About Recoil

One of the biggest issues that people have when firing a handgun is to instinctively tense up because they are worried about possible recoil. Stop doing this! Tensing up out of fear of recoil is doing nothing other than messing your shot up. You grip on the gun always needs to be firm and steady.

Pull the Trigger Correctly

When you are pulling the trigger, be sure to use only the front pad of your index finger to pull the trigger. Many people end up placing their entire finger inside the trigger guard and tend to use too much finger to pull the trigger back. This can mess your shot up and should be avoided. Using just the front pad of the index finger can take time to feel comfortable, but with practice you can do it.

Those who are new to shooting find out quickly that there is more to firing a gun accurately than just aiming and pulling the trigger. When you buy a new handgun, take time to get to know how the gun handles and get in plenty of practice so you will feel comfortable when firing it. A gun should never be difficult to fire, and it should feel comfortable to hold when shooting.

Chris Ward has had a passion for firearms since he was a young boy when his father took him out shooting a 22 rifle. He believes strongly in keeping the second amendment rights for those that are responsible with their firearms.