Facebook To Further Restrict Weapon Related Content

We regularly review our policies to identify areas where we can improve. As part of these efforts, we’ve decided to make some changes to the way in which weapons accessories are advertised on Facebook.

We already prohibit ads for weapon sales and modifications like magazines. However, advertisers have been able to promote other weapons accessories, including products that are mounted on guns for the purposes of illuminating, magnifying or focusing in on (e.g. optics, flashlights) a target as well as holsters and belt accessories. Starting June 21, advertisers promoting weapon accessories must restrict their audience to at least 18 years of age and over.

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How to Choose the Best Tactical Hunting Knife for You

Today I want to talk a little bit about tactical hunting knife blades. There are many varieties of tactical hunting knives both folding and fixed blade hunting knives and many, many manufacturers and makers. I always tell people than when they go out in the field for any period of time whether it is for hunting or just camping that they should take at least three knives with them and some way to sharpen their knives in the field.

It is very important to know what type of tactical hunting knife, utility knife, and small folder you want to have with you and to make sure that they are the right knives for the chore at hand. The wrong knives will just make your outing a miserable experience. Many people those who enjoy being outdoor hunting; don’t really know that there is more than one blade style available to them. In reality there are three standard tactical blade types that an outdoorsman can pick from depending on what the goal of the particular best tactical knife is to be. This post will address the types of tactical hunting knives that one has the option to take with them in the field for a good hunting experience.

The first type of hunting knife I want to talk about is the Drop Point Blade style of tactical hunting knife. Drop point blades are the most popular type of blade for the field in my experience in tactical knife sales. For many outdoorsmen the best tactical hunting knife is the drop point blade. The drop point blade is generally stronger than the clip point style of hunting knife blade and in many cases is thicker too. The drop point style of blade for those who don’t know looks like a double sided spear.

There are many variations of drop point blade and they are referred to as modified drop point blades. In my humble opinion the drop point blade tactical hunting knife is the most utilitarian and most durable of the three blade types that I will talk about here. It is excellent for slicing chores as is an effective skinner as well. Drop point blade tactical hunter knives come in both tactical folding drop point hunter and tactical fixed blade hunter varieties. Larger drop point bladed knives are referred to as outdoorsman’s knives and can accomplish chopping chores with relative ease.

The second type of hunting knife I want to talk about is the Clip Point Blade Tactical Hunting knife. The clip point style of tactical hunting knife comes in both a tactical fixed blade hunting knife and a best tactical folding knife style. It is not as popular as the drop point style of tactical hunting knife and most people are familiar with it when they see a buck fixed blade knife or folder as they use clip blades on many of the models they produce. The clip point is still quite useful in the tactical field.

In general terms the clip point blade tactical hunting knife is made using a thinner steel stock and is deeply hollow ground. The belly of the clip of the blade is excellent for skinning game in the field. The clip point tactical hunting knife is also great for other types of chores like rope cutting or stripping light branches from tree limbs and larger wood shaving chores. So if you are comfortable with a clip point blade tactical hunting knife then it is the best hunting knife for you.

The third type of tactical hunting knife I want to talk about is Skinning Knives. Skinning knives are extremely popular knives carried by many hunters today. They come in many varieties like the standard deep belly skinner and then gut hook skinner variety. There is also a light duty lightweight skinning tactical knife on the market today called a Wyoming Knife. The tactical Wyoming knife is the fastest skinner I have ever seen. If you have never tried one I would say try one! Skinning knives are just what the name implies, skinning.

A skinning knife is in no way a multipurpose cutting tool like its drop point blade tactical hunting knife or the clip point blade tactical hunting knife. Skinning knives remove skin from the flesh of game you have taken down. A tactical skinning knife allows you remove the skin from the flesh without damaging the flesh. If you seem to be damaging or losing a certain amount of game flesh using a tactical drop point bladed hunter or clip point blade hunter then you might want to consider using a single purpose skinning tactical knife instead.

Having the most reliable tactical knives with you when you are in the great outdoors whether hunting or camping is one of the most important elements to having a great hunting trip. It does not matter what type of game you are hunting for, if you are familiar with the different tactical blade types available to you, only then can you ascertain which tactical blade type suits your needs and your usage and comfort levels.

Extra Note: There are other factors to consider than just the style of the tactical blade or the style of the tactical knife handle. There are things to consider the overall quality of the craftsmanship of either custom or production tactical hunting knives. One thing to consider is the type of steel your tactical hunting knife will be made of? Will you want stainless steel? Will you want carbon steel?

I like carbon steel or chrome vanadium steel in my folding and fixed blade hunters as they are easy to sharpen and don’t take long to reshaping in the field. Will the tactical knife you choose be ergonomically comfortable in your hand when used for long periods of time? What tactical blade length will you want to use? These are just doing other things to consider when looking for the best tactical hunting knife that you can have.

That’s How It’s Done?

Weaponized ATF

What’s a politician to do when it’s clear that people will vigorously resist attempts to restrict their lives? Well, you could empower government officials to arbitrarily punish anybody who might help them exercise their freedom. That’s the approach favored by three Democratic members of Congress, who appear to see the path to limiting private firearms ownership in harassing gun dealers and subjecting them to the whims of government officials.

Not that they’re the only legislators to wield regulations as bludgeons, but it’s always a lousy idea.

Ostensibly, the “Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act” (a name that maintains the congressional tradition of pompous bullshit) is aimed at “gun dealers who engage in illegal sales practices,” which is to say it’s supposed to make it more illegal to do illegal stuff. This isn’t a new practice—Representatives Ted Deutch (D – Fla), Jim Langevin (D – R.I.), and Gwen Moore (D – Wis.) are hardly alone among lawmakers in thinking that what the country with the highest incarceration rate in the world (although we should take a few countries’ official numbers with a grain of salt) needs is more people behind bars. And these three are also in good company in thinking that augmenting legal penalties with arbitrary harassment is the key to a better world.

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Credit Service Intuit Addresses Refusal To Process Gun Purchases

Credit card processing firm Intuit addressed allegations it shut down payments on all gun purchases Opens a New Window. .

A number of businesses Opens a New Window. were recently interrupted – without notice – after the company refused to process orders of gun-related sales, the New York Post Opens a New Window. reported.

However, the company said it does allow gun purchases with their services.

“The policies apply to payments received by companies in industries that are regulated by federal and state law, such as sales of pharmaceuticals, tobacco sales, pet sales, alcohol sales and firearms and weapons sales,” Intuit said in a blog post Opens a New Window. . “Our company does NOT prohibit ANY of these regulated industries – including the firearms industry – from using QuickBooks for payment processing.”

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Shooting Vs Knife: 5 Things you need to know

A knife is a lot more likely to be deadly than all but the biggest quality bullets, shotgun slug or shot ammunition. Why? With a single practiced dip, a knife wielder can open up a competition from the shoulder for their pelvis, ruining ligaments, muscle bones and organs. This type of wound could be instantly disabling and in spite of the very best trauma care it would probably be fatal. It would not require much strength or pressure to do so and it might be difficult for a competitor to safeguard against it. Inside of the space, when the firearm’s wielder gets out their weapon, can target somewhat and proceeds to press its own trigger, they could place anywhere from 1 to 30 more bullets to an attacker’s upper torso or head.

Until the attacker has been drunk or just so amped up on adrenaline they are not able to feel pain instantly, a lot of these shots will disable them since they will hurt or destroy vital organs, blood vessels, nerve packs, etc. If the shot is capable of moving out from the attacker whilst still preserving their rate of fire, then they stand a solid prospect of staying uninjured themselves and perhaps having the ability to reload and continued to fire. But when the firearm’s wielder does not have their weapon hesitates or just misses because of adrenaline or fear, they’re very likely to be overwhelmed by the attacker carrying out a knife and then hurt or murdered.

Close the space takes a rather brief time period (aka The Tueller Drill) and the shooter will possess commerce wounds for this time so as to survive the experience. While at further distances, the shooter will have enough time to adopt a position which will improve precision, hunt pay and/concealment to hide behind while shooting and possibly even reload their weapon nicely until the knife wielder becomes a critical threat. Depending upon who the shot is and also the situation which they’re in, they could use this chance to seek help for their injured attacker or just to finish them off.

Really, most firearms training applications which have close-quarter shooting methods urge coping with a knife-armed attacker by instantly drawing and shooting the weapon. Frequently this is achieved along with a simultaneous striking or fending actions together with all the free hand.

Although this might work on the scope against static two-dimensional goals, this strategy is less powerful when employed against a moved, portable attacker. Should you train badly –that usually means you take part in force-on-force training with dwell spouses along with square-range coaching –you may quickly discover that many commonly educated close-quarter shooting methods fall apart quite quickly. At best, you are taking a look at a “mutual slaying” where both you and your spouse suffer severe, possibly mortal hits. Evidently, that is not good enough.

From keeping a knife for self-defense and sharpening hunting knife perspective here are 5 important things about knife which you much know.

  1. It begins with attention to your environment. On the off chance that somebody comes after you using a blade, the most vital thing to consider is ensuring your life, not endeavoring to draw a weapon. Thinking about separation amongst you and aggressor. In the event that you are endeavoring to draw a weapon as opposed to making space amongst you and the assailant and escaping the line of assault, you are relatively sure to get cut. As you do your best to maintain a strategic distance from the underlying assault, you are likewise planning to draw you blade or cautious instrument for strategic barrier. These are only a portion of the reasons a blade can be more viable nearby other people. While nobody will contend that a firearm is certainly not a decent weapon for security, having a blade – and figuring out how to utilize it gives you choices in circumstances where ensuring yourself is the most critical objective. To make a most obvious opportunity with regards to survival, as clarified above, is through Practice, Practice, Practice until the point that it turns out to be second nature and part of muscle memory. Locate a decent instructor, get some training blades and prepare.
  2. In the event that you react to an aggressor utilizing a gun, it gives you just a single choice: utilizing greatest, here and there, deadly, drive. While a blade is likewise deadly, it’s a richer weapon that can be utilized as a part of an assortment of approaches to overcome an assailant.
  3. Nobody sees a knife coming. There’s no compelling reason to stack it, dissimilar to a security and press a trigger. A knife is basically unsheathed and sent. This is particularly imperative in an emergency circumstance where you likely will be given brief period to think and very little space to move.
  4. In movies, somebody is assaulted and some way or another has room schedule-wise to haul out a weapon, discharge it and instantly stop the terrible person in his or her shoes. All things considered, that is not a conceivable situation. What you will probably confront is somebody moving rapidly and shutting quick, not giving you an opportunity to battle them off with one hand while endeavoring to take out a weapon with another. What’s more, regardless of whether you do fire, there’s no assurance you will hit your adversary, abandoning you vulnerable as they shut in.
  5. For a firearm to be viable, the objective must be before the projectile. Nearby other people, knives will scarcely ever miss the objective and can be conveyed strategically in a wide range of ways.


Gloria Stokes is a passionate writer and editor who loves to read and write articles over weaponry and loves to travel. She has completed her weapons engineering from the Cranfield University.

The Evolution of Weaponry

Weapons have changed drastically over the years and each phase holds its own sense of beauty and artistry than before. We have always had weapons. We needed them for basic survival and for hunting. We continue to use them for protection, recreation and for entertainment. If you have never considered all the changes and artistic functional design that has gone into weaponry, we invite you to keep reading and take a trip down history lane.

The Stone Age Was Literal
The primitive man began the age of weapons, for surviving the wild and for hunting. We call it the Stone Age and when it comes to weaponry, that’s exactly what they used! Stones could be thrown to thwart off a strange animal or to fight off a neighboring tribe. They could sharpen it and use it similar to an ax that would be helpful in collecting materials for shelter, taking hides off of animals, and chopping food. Most importantly, the sharpened rock could be attached to a stick and made into a spear for protection and battle. It led to one of the most well-known weapons that we still enjoy today: the bow and arrow.

Archery and Bowhunting Were Worldwide
The bow and arrow were formed in late Paleolithic and early Mesolithic eras. It stemmed from the stone tools as we began to find new ways to use those stone weapons. What is so fascinating was how widespread the use of archery and bowhunting became at about the same time. It is widely believed that the Egyptians were the first to employ bow and arrow in warfare and for hunting. It is possible they weren’t the first but they are the first recorded peoples. Following the Egyptians were the Chinese who then introduced it to the Japanese peoples. It spread like wildfire and you can find accounts of early archers across all sorts of cultures and history books. People today still enjoy using a bow and arrow for hunting and for target practice. Top of the line supplier sites like https://jamesriverarchery.com/ stock the latest in archery and bowhunting technology. They also offer a more primitive range of options if one prefers. These companies do well and it doesn’t appear that archery or bowhunting will go away any time soon.

Handguns Brought Forth The Gun Revolution
Have you ever considered how long guns have existed? We know that cowboys had them based on the westerns we may have watched. But really, handguns were the beginning of the firearm and were well known across Europe in 1380. By 1630, we had flintlock rifles. Dueling pistols were popular from 1750-1850. By 1873, Winchester created and marketed their own rifle that began the rapid evolution of firearms into handguns, automatic, and semi-automatic guns that changed how we handled war and hunting the world over.

Bombs Are As Old As Dirt
When we talk about bombs, we often think of a nuclear bomb or a hydrogen bomb. But humankind has been using them a lot longer than we realize. It has been noted that 11th century China saw the use of bamboo bombs and they moved to cast iron shells in the 12th century. They were used only for warfare, never for hunting or protection. Now we have seen all manner of bomb take the world by storm. Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, dirty bombs, and cherry bombs have been used for centuries and still used today during combat. In recent times, improvised explosives have been used by civilians rising up against tyrannical and corrupt governments. Nuclear and hydrogen bombs tend to be utilized by government militaries to achieve their goals quickly.

Weapons have changed in a myriad of ways. Many guns are now used for casual hunting or in gun ranges for entertainment. Archery clubs gather and practice or show off their skills with the bow and arrow. Museums show off the stone and swords that were used on the regular in the days of yore. Imagine what weaponry will look like in the next 100 years.

June 2018 Gun & Gear Contests

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Where To Shoot A Turkey With A Shotgun

Chasing turkeys are enraging and obsessive. Once you have the turkey chasing mania, you’ll cheerfully endure for a long time of coordinating minds with mammoth, neurotic winged creatures that regularly appear but troublesome to execute. Because of the innate difficulties of seeking after turkeys, seekers have concocted a lot of approaches to trick them.

This may appear like a basic thing where to shoot a turkey with a shotgun, yet to most experienced seekers, the pointing point on a turkey is analytical. Particularly for those with a shotgun out there. For shotgun seekers, there are extremely just a couple of essential standards to take after:

The most essential standards to look for shotgun hunting

Go for nape –

  • The most deadly hit on a turkey is to its cerebrum and vertebral column. Coordinate hits in these two regions will let it fall on the place. Knowing this, the perfect shot on a turkey is amidst his nape where the coverage ends and the quills start.

Try not to shoot a swaggering flying creature.

  • It will be best if you allow the flying creature normally raise up and extend its nape or else cackle to the fowl and power it to quit swaggering and raise up straight to perceive what’s making those clacks. A swaggering turkey has its scruff collapsed back. Raising up and extending its scruff the turkey introduces a bigger focus of his indispensable territory.

Best broad head for body shoot

Turkeys are intense creatures to chase with uncertainty. Predominant visual perception and absolute resolution now and again, are a bad dream blend for a seeker to battle. So where to shoot a turkey with a shotgun, is an alternate ballgame altogether. Shotguns are simple… for an indication, however, attempting to slide a draw past according to a turkey at few yards away is a close unimaginable undertaking.

For those propelled seekers looking for an additionally difficult chase, bows are the approach! Turkeys are famously difficult to execute. A rundown of numerous things could turn out badly when turkey chasing with a re curve. Your yell won’t sound right, your fake could have frightened him away, and he may have seen you draw, and this isn’t yet notwithstanding considering in the event that you will be given the perfect shot. With this to contemplate, the exact opposite thing you have is broad head. You need to know the best broad head for turkey body shots to stress over it. For hunting, you should be sure to have the best broad heads for turkeys that will guarantee a fruitful chasing.

Useful gear for turkey body shoot.

Narrow connector Scrap nap.

  • The freshest and conceivably most remarkable broad heads to hit the market is the Scrap napper. The Scrap napper is available in a 3-kit and gives crushing outcomes on turkey and a little diversion. The head was intended to cripple turkeys while giving the ideal mix of infiltration and stunning impact.

Graphite convey F-15 broad head

  • Graphite clear cut F-15 Expandable is fiendish awful. What it needs in the unadulterated cutting distance across. It compensates for by including an extra and finish set of cutting edges, set side-to-side to open enormous injury channels. It has four sharp edges however not in the customary intersect way. This makes an “H-like” injury channel that makes a lot of phlebotomies, and while experiencing extreme wing quills obstructs infiltration to give stun and leave bolts in the fledgling.

Firecracker deceive

  • Presented a year ago the firecracker (Spitfire) double cross it is a four-sharp edge, automatic broad head. It includes no-fall flat cutting edges, with a two-organize sending. The front conveying “organize one” primary edges brag a gigantic cutting breadth while the back sending “arrange two” ‘bleeder’ edges highlight cutting measurement. This broad head cuts vertically and on a level plane and departs little space to fail the necessity.

The beginners guiding spirit

Seeking after turkeys is a standout amongst the most energizing types of chasing. The winged creatures are difficult to chase yet in the event that you know where to shoot a turkey with a shotgun, at that point, it turns locks in. Seekers can be casual with their prey.

The turkey seekers are always thrilling, about the hunting. But the amateurs should always follow the turkey hunting tips for beginners, as it helps them to go for a prepared chase. Sometimes alluring the huge turkey goes for long time or end in a glimmer. Actually, everything relies upon the individual winged animal and the circumstance.

Here the accompanying tips will help quicken the expectation to learn and adapt.

  • Lookout

    First of all, you should know the land, how the turkeys are taking advantage of their places how to trap the turkeys from regular make or a progress daze. Realize where the winged creatures will be, make sense of how you can set up in the region without being identified.

  • Utilize a lure

    When you locate the site to set up see that place offers characteristic cover to shoot from and consider purchasing an imitation. Once more, this is simply the presence of mind. A distraction pulls in the flying creatures to your area and they do not pay attention towards you.

  • Figure out how to utilize a bellow
    Lift one up and figure out how to influence the fundamental howl, to murmur. Regardless of how great of a turkey guest you will be, you can’t bring a winged animal where he wouldn’t like to go. Utilize bellow to get the consideration of turkeys and bring about them to hunt or seek after your imitations.

In the beginning of spring hunting

Early season chasing can be an appreciated sight as it is hotter temperature. This adjustment in the atmosphere can likewise start the turkeys the mating move a little sooner. You will ordinarily discover turkey as of now having their array of mistresses of fowls with them. This is an opportunity and you ought to know about early season turkey hunting tips, as more often than not the hens are not exactly prepared to raise. This push and draw amongst turkey cock and fowls make both be genuinely voiced. On the off chance that you end up in a late-winter situation, set up as close as possible, as long as the turkeys keep on being a bellow to them with zeal.

Inside information for hunting

  1. Run Up.

When you’re chasing in grassland set up an imitation and sit tight for your performing artists to get consideration.

  1. Estimate Down.

On the off chance that you chase uneven territory, you don’t need the issue and weight, particularly when you need to make a great deal of progress just to discover the winged animals.

  1. Unfurl plans.

Encompass a turkey cock distraction with a major hen group of concubines. Face the turkey-cock toward a red neck swell a paunch down fowl. This game plan will goad a turkey-cock that detects a danger to his strength.


Chasing turkey is a standout amongst the most invigorating and energizing chasing diversions you can take part in nature. Here in this article where to shoot a turkey with a shot gun, you have learned for whatever length of time that you have the correct weapon and know the natural surroundings of wild turkeys, you will dependably be sufficiently remunerated with numerous hits at last.

This guest article was written by Marcel; an entrepreneur, marketing geek and an occasional traveler & Founder of huntingbootspro blog

TOP 5 Strange Movie Weapons

In the history of movie weapons, some have been more outstanding than others. The reasons why they were viewed as strange weapons ranges from their design and look, to their usage, and the effects they leave after using them. Below is an explanation of some of the strangest movie weapons of all times.

    1. Predator Wrist Blades

In the fiction movie world, the concept of Predators or Yautja is very prevalent. They are a group of aliens that tend to torment the human race, and there are many movies, novels, comics and other documentaries about them. Each time, they come with a separate and distinct type of uniform to perform their acts. One of the major weapons that predators normally use as seen in predator movies is the wrist-blade. They are very strange because it always seems like the predators cannot take off these weapons from their arms. It is portrayed as if it is created into their arms and that they can’t remove it. These weapons entail that you can never unarm these creatures unless you kill them, because their weapon is inbuilt.

    1. The Lawnmower

The lawnmower in Dead Alive is very strange too. The object itself may not be strange, but it becomes very strange when it is turned into a weapon. In Dead Alive, Lionel Cosgrave has to save himself from his mother’s co zombies. The lawnmower became very effective in slaughtering the zombies. This is a very good example of improvisation in weaponry. So far as it can harm, use it.

    1. The Lawgiver Weapon

The next is the Lawgiver Weapon. In the movie titled Judge Dredd, the law enforcement officials that are always on their motorbikes have a special weapon with them. This comes in form of a gun that can have different types of effects when fired on different objects. This makes it very strange. This could be used to rip a man into two equal halves or even to exorcise ghosts in the bid to bring law and order to the society. This can be fired from kilometers or even miles away, and it will still reach its target. The principle is that while crime is everywhere, the lawgivers are not everywhere. So, they need long range weapons to take care of suspects that are very far from them.

    1. The Pogo Stick

The Pogo Stick in Leprechaun is a strange one, and how could it have killed that number of people? Leprechaun uses the stick to bounce on the chest of his victims on several occasions and they eventually die. The stick, the usage and the effects are all strange. Well, maybe we have learnt something there, and that is the fact that anything can kill a man when effectively used. After all, it worked for Leprechaun.

    1. The Noisy Cricket

The Noisy Cricket weapon from the movie Men in Black is another strange movie weapon. This is one of the smallest guns ever, but it has enough recoil to throw a very huge man 30 feet up in the air. Is this not a strange weapon? Yes, it is. However, this could also be set for weaker firepower. It is designed as a training weapon for new agents in MIB. It is used to ascertain if they will be blown back by its effect when it is in full recoil and they are told to fire it on a spaceship.

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