NJ governor sees guns, not shooter’s early prison release, as the problem

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy responded to Sunday's deadly shooting at a Trenton arts festival by calling for new controls on guns. But a suspect’s gang membership -- and early release from prison after Murphy took office -- may have been bigger factors in an incident that left one person dead and 22 wounded. Meanwhile, Murphy -- a first-term Democrat in his first elected office -- supports shorter sentences for offenders and cuts in prisoner rehabilitation programs.

California: Public Safety Committees Scheduled to Hear Age Restriction Bills and Another Gut and Amend

On Tuesday, June 19, both the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees are scheduled to hear legislative proposals, AB 3 and SB 1100, to raise the purchasing age for long guns from 18 to 21 years old. SB 1100 also contained language to extend the one handgun a month restriction to all guns, but was amended out earlier this week and “gutted and amended” into SB 1177.

Not So Breaking News: Trio of Anti-Gun Orgs Rehash Worn-Out Gun Control Policies

This week the press gleefully reported the anti-gun pronouncements of a trio of diverse special interest groups. The Washington Post announced, “Frustrated [American Medical Association] adopts sweeping policies to cut gun violence.” In a separate piece, addressing statements by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), the Post blared “Police chiefs plot new strategies against gun violence and mass shootings.” Politico reported, “Conference of Mayors passes resolutions favoring gun control.” In other breaking news, water is wet and the sun rises in the East.

The Rolling Stone Continues its Inaccurate Anti-NRA Reporting

It is by no means a closely held secret that Rolling Stone magazine has aggressively promoted an anti-gun agenda for many decades.  It started in 1980, with the death of John Lennon at the hands of Mark David Chapman, when the magazine’s founder, Jann Wenner, decided he wanted to “make something good come out of (the murder).”  Wenner started the Foundation on Violence in America, which was apparently designed to promote a public-relations campaign aimed at convincing Americans to accept restrictions on handguns.

The Supreme Court Strikes Down Law that Targeted Gun Owners’ Speech

The Supreme Court struck down a Minnesota law that forbade voters from wearing “political insignias” at polling places after the law was challenged by a voter who was told he must remove or cover his Tea Party shirt. It is beyond a doubt that the state's application of the law unfairly discriminated against the free speech of NRA members. The lawyer for the state himself told the court that, under the law, a shirt with the slogan “Parkland Strong” would be permissible, while an NRA shirt would not. Ironically, while a shirt displaying the text of the First Amendment would be allowed, a Second Amendment shirt, which “could be viewed as political” would not.

A Royal Pain: UK Malcontents Throw Tantrum over Prince George’s Toy Gun

The United Kingdom’s legions of miserable scolds are at it again. A mere two weeks after admonishing an English national team soccer player for a firearm tattoo, the anti-gun whiners have found a new target. This time the killjoys have deemed it their station to lecture the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on proper parenting. The sad controversy erupted on June 10, as Kate Middleton, Prince George, and his sister Princess Charlotte watched Prince William participate in the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy in Gloucestershire. During the match, four-year-old George was pictured playing in the grass with an orange-tipped toy revolver and a toy knife. According to an account from Gloucestershire Live, the revolver was a squirt gun the future king won as a carnival prize.

D.C. Area Witches Unite for Gun Control, Hurl Curses at the NRA

Gun control advocates can now boast of a new group of allies joining their dubious coalition: witches. It kind of makes sense. We all know that gun control is based mainly on magical thinking. Its advocates, after all, ask us to believe we’re just a few more “commonsense safety measures” away from a world in which evil people who are otherwise determined to kill others refrain from doing so for fear they might violate a gun control law somewhere along the way. 

Oregon: NRA Challenges Ballot Title for Initiative Petition 44 That Would Restrict Your Right to Self-Defense

On June 14th, the National Rifle Association along with the Oregon Hunters Association filed a legal challenge with the Oregon Supreme Court to contest the ballot title for Initiative Petition 44, which would force law-abiding gun owners to render their firearms useless in a self-defense situation and would significantly restrict the state’s youth hunting program.  The Oregon Attorney General certified this misleading and inadequate ballot title on May 31st after more than 400 comments were submitted on the proposed title.

Delaware: Contact Your Senator Immediately in Opposition to Gun Ban Legislation

On Tuesday, June 19, the Delaware Senate could consider legislation (Senate Bill 163) that would ban commonly owned semi-automatic firearms in Delaware.

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