Be Prepared for the Unthinkable with These Simple AR 15 Upgrades

Ask any lover the 2nd Amendment and they will tell you a million reasons why it is wise to own a gun, in particular the beloved AR15. Whether it’s a bear that thinks you look particularly delicious this morning on your daily hike or some foreign madman decides to pull off his own Red Dawn style invasion of America, there is a reason. However, it’s truly for all reasons gun lovers can’t think of that one truly should own an AR 15. No one knows what tomorrow might bring and what new dangers come with it.

The AR 15 is a versatile platform that can be adapted a variety of upgrades to complete a variety of tasks. In the end, it’s about decided what you want to accomplish with your weapon and choosing the right tools to put you in a position to succeed. So without further ado, let’s jump right in and find out the AR 15 upgrades that will offer you a max level of preparedness for what may come. You won’t need a huge budget to pull this off, but you will need a certain appreciation for the basics.

AR15 Accuracy for Every Scenario

Talk to any salty Jarhead who enlisted prior to the Global Wars on Terrorism and you’ll find a Marine who maligns the modern military reliance on optics for shooting. Certainly a good optic is worth its weight in gold and there is a reason after 16 years of war the modern Marine Corps has made them universal. However, Marines of older generations will remember sighting in on a silhouette target at 500 yards with nothing more than iron sights. Give them long enough and they’ll start telling you about all-leather boots and their ALICE pack too. Yet, the future is here whether a salty Marine likes it or not.

What optics offer in utility, iron sights offer in rugged durability. In an unforeseen scenario, the iron sights ability to operate without battery power and to take a hit or fall with no damage is hard to beat. However, since optics have pretty much become a given these days it’s best to have a quality pair of flip up iron sights. Drop them when you don’t need them, but be thankful they are there for the scenario when you do. Optics lovers will tell you all the reasons their optics couldn’t fail, but for the one’s they can’t imagine we recommend a quality set of iron sights on every AR 15 for ultimate preparedness.

AR 15 Slings, Grips and that Personal Touch

The next part to consider when you are trying to prepare for the unthinkable is whether or not you have an AR 15 that feels like a natural part of you. When a scenario turns from bad to worse it’s important to weapon to turn to that is comfortable and reliable. This is less about aesthetics and more about function. Consider your sling for example. There are a million different varieties of slings out there on the market and someone willing to swear behind everyone that it’s the best. We say there is no greater expert on a weapon than its owner. So what’s good and comfortable for you?

For your money, a simple single-point rifle sling hard to beat. However, there is more to consider. There are grips, stocks and more all that need to be personalized until you have found the build that works for you. If you are not absolutely in love with any variant part of your AR 15 then it is simply madness to endure it any longer in a world where every part is available to you.

How you can be prepared for the unthinkable? How can you be ready for the scenario that you couldn’t imagine? Simply by having a complete AR 15 platform that feels like an extension of your own body and will. Or for our unfortunate brothers in California, build the AR 15 platform that doesn’t make a state legislature scared at night. To do that, you should check out Keeping Your AR15 Legal in California.

So there you have it because this pew, pew, pew life we live doesn’t have to be complicated. In a world of endless parts and upgrades, how do you know you have the right AR 15 build? We suggest choosing quality parts above price tags and then leave the rest up to your patriotic imagination. Grab you a quality set of iron sights to please the old Jarheads then build an AR 15 that’s a natural part of you. Whatever wicked thing then that may come your way, you’ll have everything you need to stay center mass and alive.

Author bio: William McAllister is a writer who enjoys the simple things in life; waking up in a tent deep in the woods, a black cup of coffee and a flip phone.

Oregon: Bill Expanding Firearm Prohibitions to be Heard

Tomorrow, February 20th, at 8:00AM the Oregon state Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding a public hearing on House Bill 4145.  HB 4145 was passed by the Oregon state House of Representatives last week with a 37-23 vote.  This legislation, which was introduced at the request of Governor Kate Brown, would significantly expand the class of persons who could be stripped of their Second Amendment rights.  Please contact Senate Judiciary members and urge their strong opposition to House Bill 4145!  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact Senate Judiciary members.

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On February 14th, the Arizona State Legislature held committee hearings on several bills affecting your Second Amendment rights.  Senate Bill 1374, which would have significantly weakened Arizona’s state preemption statute, was defeated in committee with a 4-3 vote.  Additionally, House Bill 2535, which guarantees that law-abiding citizens will not be stripped of their Second Amendment rights when they choose to provide foster care to children, was passed out of the House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee with a 5-4 vote.  HB 2535 will now head to the House floor.  Please contact your state Representative and urge them to support HB 2535 when it comes up for a vote!  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Representative.

Hawaii: Trigger Modification Ban To Be Heard Wednesday

On February 13th, the House Committee on Judiciary passed House Bill 1908 by a 7-1 vote with amendments to prohibit certain trigger modifications.  HB 1908 will now be heard by the House Committee on Consumer Protection & Commerce on February 21st at 2:00PM.  Please  contact committee members and urge them to OPPOSE HB 1908.  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact committee members.  

Washington: Gun Bills to Be Heard Next Week

On February 9th, the Washington state Senate passed Senate Bill 6298 to expand the category of persons stripped of their Second Amendment rights and it is now scheduled for a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on February 21st at 8:00AM.  On February 14th, the state House Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 5992 to ban certain firearm accessories and it now awaits a floor vote.

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