Jimenez Firearms

Smiths Armory has taken this inexpensive Jimenez pistol line where function meets price and made them better.  Before shipping any gun we inspect and polish the feed ramps, barrels, and slide to reduce or eliminate in most cases the jamming associated with this pistol line.  There are those that say there are hollow point feeding issues?  Not after Smiths Armory armorers get to these pistols.  On the .380 Models we lighten the trigger as part of our sale price!  Making this a fine backup or target pistol that you can trust.  See the model features below and give us a call or email your order today!

J.A. 380 $185.00

J.A. .380 Semi Auto

J.A.LC 380 $225.00



J.A. NINE $255.00

J.A. Nine  9 MM

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